PROVISION, Charitable Foundation

People With Epilepsy

People with Epilepsy

Our main project has been the employment of treated epileptic patients. The patients have been employed in gardening and reforestation projects for three years and the change in both living conditions and self worth for the individuals has been incredibly rewarding.

Dental Project

Dental Project

In Tanzania there is approximately 1 dentist for every 140,000 people. By comparison, in Canada there is approximately 1 dentist for every 3000 people. There is a significant need for dentists and dental professionals in Tanzania.

Microenterprise and Related


Through our Farm Projects and Microfinance Projects such as Bee Keeping, Tailoring and Carpentry we have greatly impacted the sociocultural perspectives on Epilepsy in Mahenge, Tanzania.

Medical Students

Medical Students

We believe the long term solution to the problems of poverty, corruption & bigotry is education. One major need in Africa is the development of medical personnel at all levels. Learn how we are supporting education & investing in the future.


Irrigation Project

Our water and well project has successfully provided a year-round supply of clean, accessible water in large enough quanitity to be used for multiple family purposes and the irrigation of crops.


Experience Africa

Financial accountability

Financial Accountability

All administration, travel, and related costs are covered by contributions from Provision Accounting Group. Our commitment is that 100% of project related donations are used in the designated project.



“If your plan is for one year plant rice.
 If your plan is for ten years plant trees.
 If your plan is for one hundred years educate children”
                                                                              - Confucius

Lifting up the community

We invest in immediate needs by creating opportunities and invest in the future by supporting education.


Financial accountability and donations

Our commitment is that 100% of your donations are invested into the related project. All administrations, travel, and related costs are covered by us.